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Compelling Marketing for the Oil & Gas Industry

Leveraging stakeholder and marketing insights, NEXT / GLS aligned client beliefs with market attitudes to present a bold expression of brand value. Our insights revealed untapped opportunities.


Website Redesign

NEXT / GLS partnered with Pentair’s Technical Solutions Global Business Unit for the redesign of their website. The challenge for the redesign was to provide a cleaner, user-friendly and more flexible interface providing an enhanced user experience. As an integral part of the UX, targeted messaging had to reach a broad audience of users—each seeking specific information.

Pentair StyleTile2

Style Tiles Provide Guidelines for Expansion

Style tiles were used in the web design process with great success, providing an effective presentation to a broad group of decision makers for client buy-in and approval of the design’s theme.


Ad Campaign

The development of a bold ad campaign to exposed Pentair’s brand as a confident and trusted partner.

An evocative brand voice was created to stand out in a global industry, shake things up and pique interest in the Pentair’s latest selection of equipment protection products, while continuing to leverage the company’s heritage.

Campaign elements applied across a broad schedule of media and tactics including:

  • Trade shows
  • Brochures
  • Digital and print media
  • Direct mail and other collateral
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